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Five Reasons to Move Your Material Sales to the Cloud

1.  Quarries and scale houses are, well, ...filthy.

shane-mclendon-534662-unsplash-1Excavating and transporting raw materials is a dirty, dirty job. With the grimy conditions, remote locations, and spotty internet, we all know that pits and quarries are not the best places to keep your company's critical data. Despite the fact that power outages, PC crashes, and other catastrophic data failures are common in the industry, a shocking number of businesses still rely on archaic local databases to store their financial transactions. 


Thankfully, we live in the age of cloud computing, and with systems like Fast-Weigh 10, the aggregate industry is finally starting to catch up. Cloud-based platforms protect client information by providing real-time backups and foolproof operation contingency plans, all while your operators work from the scale house as normal. By storing and replicating all data in secure centers on both the east and west coast of the United States, we manage and protect your information constantly. This means that even if your Internet connection goes out, Fast-Weigh can keep operating locally and then upload once you're back online, providing total protection against any data loss.


2.  You can focus on producing and hauling material, not managing complex IT systems.

Your staff is knowledgeable about crushers, conveyors, and Caterpillars - not computers. Remove the burden of having to manage local IT resources and eliminate your expensive, complicated setup. Use a platform that simplifies your scale management system and offers a quick, easy setup with remote install options. That way, you can focus on selling product and getting trucks out the door, saving you both time and money.


3.  Work on your own terms, from anywhere.

Working remotely is all the rage these days. People expect to get their job done on their own terms, whenever and wherever they want. Don’t let your material ticketing software confine your sales data to the scale house, forcing you to have to call several people just to get an update on production or to make a quick change. Fast-Weigh 10 gives you an all-access pass, providing real-time information that you can manage from any device, whether its Windows, Mac, or mobile.

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4.  Help your customers and partners grow.

We all know that your customers and partners are critical to your success. By providing transparent, real-time operations or sales data, you can keep your customers informed and help your partners become more efficient. With Fast-Weigh 10, you can create user logins for both customers and haulers, providing easy access to their latest ticketing, dispatching, and invoicing data. Our integrated email alert system allows users to stay on top of all hauling or material purchasing, which helps them run their business.


5.  Modernize.

helloquence-61189-unsplash-1Running isolated systems with disconnected in-house servers is yesterday’s world. An ever-increasing number of experts across all business sectors now recognize that cloud computing can simplify and modernize your operations in every aspect. By embracing the cloud now, you can create a flexible foundation for your organization's future.


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