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Desktop Scale Ticketing

Our Windows 10 ticketing application was designed from the ground up to streamline daily scale house operations and communicate directly with our Web Portal.

Mobile Ticketing

Our easy-to-use mobile ticketing app for Android and iOS is the perfect solution for remote ticketing needs or remote pits.

Unattended Driver Kiosk

No scale house? No problem. Allow your drivers to self-ticket and remove the need for on-site scale operators with our Fast-Weigh Unattended Kiosk.


The Fast-Weigh eTicketing suite is an all-in-one cloud ticketing platform that allows for a completely paperless operation while ensuring compliance with the latest DOT regulations.

License Plate Recognition

With advanced LPR, you can automatically capture truck arrivals, initiate yard check-ins, monitor time in-yard, and register order assignments without ever having to manually enter a Truck ID at the scale.

In-Yard Loader App

Track time in-yard and time-to-ticket, prevent overload or underload, set target weights, and more with our Fast-Weigh Loader app.


Fast-Weigh Invoicing

Streamline your company’s accounting process. Generate invoices for your customers directly from our web portal and load them into your accounting system.

Fast-Weigh AR & Payments

Streamline your material sales and payment collection process with Fast-Weigh AR & Payments. Get complete AR and credit management along with secure PCI-compliant credit card and ACH transactions.

Accounting Integrations

Export your Fast-Weigh invoices seamlessly into your company's accounting system or ERP with our accounting integration tools.

Hauler Pay

With Hauler Pay, we've simplified the process of generating detailed trucker statements from your material ticketing data.


Web Portal

With our cloud-based system, your ticketing and hauling data will never be stuck in the scale house again. View, edit, and analyze data from all locations. Enjoy total operations management from anywhere, on any device.


Our customer and job quoting module allows you to create quotes for your customers and prospects and easily convert them to Fast-Weigh orders with a click of a button.


Our cloud-based Inventory module gives you the ability to track inventory across all plant locations in real time.


The Fast-Weigh Dispatching suite integrates fully with your ticketing and hauling data so you can ticket, dispatch, and track trucks, all on a single platform.


Capture job delivery of materials via mobile phone.  Automatically record location, date/time, and project delivery information.

Business Analytics

Gain deeper insight into your ticketing operations with Fast-Weigh Analytics. Monitor your sales, customers, trucks, haulers, products, and more with sophisticated visuals and charts that will revolutionize the way you manage production.

Get the Full Suite

Desktop Scale Ticketing
Unattended Driver Kiosk Mode
Scale Image Capture
License Plate Recognition
Traffic Light Integration
Driver & Operator Signature Capture
Truck Check-In / In-Yard Tracking
Custom Fields
Custom Ticket Formats
Multi-Product Ticketing
Mobile Ticketing
Centralized Web Portal
Order Management
Product Pricing Matrix
Customer Management
Hauler & Truck Management
Customer & Hauler User Logins
Multi-Region & Location Support
In-depth Reporting
Business Analytics
Invoicing & Billing

Integration for All Accounting Systems
Seamless QuickBooks Online Integration
Seamless Viewpoint Integration
Seamless Avalara Integration
Built-In Payments Processing
Job & Customer Quoting
Business Analytics
Truck Assignment
Dispatching & Requests with Live SMS Alerts
Proof of Delivery
Inventory Management
Hauler Pay Statements
Custom Reports & Invoices
PDF Ticket Archiving
All-Device Access
Unlimited Users
Real-Time Ticket Data
Cloud Back-Up & Data Security
Developer API
Multi-lingual Support
Automatic Software Updates
Ongoing Development
Excellent Customer Support

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