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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I switch to Fast-Weigh?

Besides providing a number of economic benefits over traditional platforms, Fast-Weigh's cloud-based architecture offers unprecedented access to data and removes the burden and cost of having to maintain complex IT systems within your scale houses and administrative offices. Both your staff and your partners (including customers, haulers, DOT Inspectors, and all other participants) can be given secure, role-based system access, enabling you to streamline your operations and cut down on burdensome calls for tickets and other information.

Our goal is simple: to provide modern solutions that improve your processes around bulk material weighing and logistics. All of our products and features are designed to simplify your operations, scale with your business, and expand your company's capabilities far beyond just scale ticketing.

We are growing rapidly, and with feedback from our customers, we work constantly to improve our platform. Get a demo today, and see why Fast-Weigh is the leading cloud-based solution for the aggregates and bulk material industry.

Does Fast-Weigh work with multiple ticketing regions and locations? Can it handle large ticket volumes?

Yep! Fast-Weigh is built on a highly scalable Microsoft Azure SQL database capable of handling the largest of clients. Our platform was designed from the ground-up to support companies of all sizes, including enterprise corporations with multiple regions, locations, and yards. Our flexible configuration system can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any company in our industry. Moreover, this is accomplished without charging for additional third-party modules or complicated synchronization software in order to roll up data from multiple databases and systems. Put simply, Fast-Weigh is built to grow with you.

Fast-Weigh is in the cloud, so do I need constant Internet to ticket trucks?

No. Most of Fast-Weigh’s core ticketing operations work offline, so your business does not stop with your Internet. While offline, you can continue weighing trucks and printing tickets, and this data will be backed up to the local database on your device. Once Internet has been restored, your new data will automatically sync to the Fast-Weigh cloud.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Absolutely. Cloud computing has come a long way, and in most cases, it is much safer than saving your data on local computers and hard drives. Fast-Weigh utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud, which offers a robust set of security and technology practices to safeguard all Fast-Weigh user data and provide exceptional resilience against outside threats.

What types of truck scales and accessories work with Fast-Weigh?

Fast-Weigh works with almost any truck scale platform and weigh indicator. We support both serial and IP-based indicators.

Fast-Weigh also supports a number of hardware accessories, including digital signature pads, RFID readers, traffic lights, all-weather cameras, mag stripe readers, and more.

Does Fast-Weigh work on iOS and Android mobile devices?

Yes. We have numerous mobile products that work on both iPhone & Android devices, including a lineup of full-featured eTicketing, Dispatch, and Proof-of-Delivery systems.

What third-party ERP and Accounting platforms does Fast-Weigh integrate with?

Fast-Weigh integrates seamlessly with several industry-leading accounting and ERP platforms. In addition, our REST API and custom file-based integration solutions allow us to integrate with virtually any other system, so just reach out if you want to know if we can support yours.

Does Fast-Weigh have a support team to help with setup, maintenance, and product issues?

Yes. The Fast-Weigh Support Team offers top-notch customer service that in many ways distinguishes us from our competition. We are available throughout the week by phone, and via email and text on nights and weekends. Unlimited support comes with every Fast-Weigh subscription at no additional charge.

Can Fast-Weigh handle other facets of my busines, like inventory, dispatching, trucker pay, etc.?

Yes! Fast-Weigh has expanded into a feature-rich platform that covers a multitude of business needs. Current features include:

  • Freight and Hauler Payables
  • Invoicing and Accounting integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Dispatching and GPS Truck Tracking
  • eTicketing
  • Image Capture and License Plate Recognition
  • And much more!