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Company History

Armando Mendiola founded Fast-Weigh in 1988 after developing scale and business software for Texas Crushed Stone in Georgetown, TX, one of the largest operating quarries west of the Mississippi. Recognizing the emerging potential of low-cost PCs, Armando saw an opportunity to bring electronic weigh ticketing systems to the market. He embarked on the creation of one of the earliest DOS-based platforms, gaining a significant following in Texas and across the United States.

Mike Mendiola, Armando's son, first entered the aggregates industry while still in high school. His summers were spent as a scale house operator, weighing and ticketing trucks using Fast-Weigh. After graduating from Baylor University in Computer Science and Business, Mike got to work updating Armando's platform from DOS to Windows in the mid 1990s. This software rewrite became one of the first Windows-based Scale Ticketing platforms available on the market.

In 2011, Mike co-founded TAC Insight alongside Steve Rasmussen. Their collaboration began when Steve, employed by a prominent civil contractor at the time, adopted Fast-Weigh for tracking aggregate and bulk material transportation. Together, they began developing innovative weighing and truck logistics solutions, recognizing the industry's shift towards cloud computing platforms. With Armando's retirement in 2014, Mike and Steve assumed responsibility for the Fast-Weigh software and embarked on an ambitious journey to transform it into a comprehensive SaaS platform. Their primary focus was on modernization, customer value enhancement, and product expansion.

By rebuilding the platform from the ground-up using modern cloud technology and tools, they successfully launched the initial cloud version of Fast-Weigh in December 2015, becoming the first cloud-native platform in the market. Fast-Weigh quickly gained a loyal following and has experienced exponential growth each year, now serving thousands of users.

Many of our team members have worked in the aggregate industry for much of their lives. Many of us, including Mike, have spent time working in scale houses, cutting tickets, and creating invoices for those tickets. Our team is filled with good character, decades of experience, and a great deal of passion for this industry. We feel fortunate to be part of a company with a loyal customer base and to offer a product that we are genuinely proud of.

Our team at Fast-Weigh consists of industry experts, many of whom have spent a significant portion of their careers in aggregates and construction. Several team members, including Mike, have worked in scale houses, issuing tickets, tracking trucks, and managing invoicing and accounting. With our team's solid character, decades of experience, and passion for this industry, we take great pride in offering a product that we genuinely believe in.

Core Values

Today, Fast-Weigh's culture and brand are defined by a set of six core values.


Operate with transparency and openness to both customers and our employees


Work collaboratively among our customers and employees to bring about solutions to industry challenges


Provide best-in-breed value to our customers


Provide a company culture and work environment that promotes efficiency


Provide software that provides creative, unique, effective solutions to its users


Retain a company culture that is passionate about the products they deliver


At Fast-Weigh, we are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative and effective software solutions in the aggregate and bulk material industry while remaining true to our core values. Thank you for your support and trust in our team. We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional software solutions and service for years to come.

Customer Success Team

Mike Mendiola

Founder / Chief Technology Officer
Mike has been with Fast-Weigh since the beginning. His father, Armando Mendiola, had him working summers as a teenager weighing and ticketing trucks for one of Fast-Weigh’s first customers in Houston. He later graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. Following Armando's retirement in 2014, Mike teamed up with Steve Rasmussen to transform Fast-Weigh into a modern, cloud-based SaaS solution. Today, he leads the Fast-Weigh development team to ensure that Fast-Weigh remains the industry's top cloud platform for bulk material accounting.

Steve Rasmussen

Co-Founder / Principal
Before co-founding Fast-Weigh, Steve Rasmussen brought over 20 years of experience as the Director of IT for a large civil contractor involved in various sectors, including bulk material sales, trucking, logistics, and waste management. While looking for scale ticketing software in the late 90s, Steve was introduced to Armando and Mike Mendiola. He later partnered with Mike to transform their software into a cloud solution built for the future. With extensive knowledge in construction ERPs, finance, accounting, and information technology, Steve now oversees day-to-day operations at Fast-Weigh.

Ron Thompson

Director of Customer Onboarding
Ron joined Fast-Weigh in 2007 after graduating from Polk State College with a degree in Network Engineering. With over 15 years of experience in project management and software implementation, Ron leads the Fast-Weigh Onboarding Team to ensure the seamless setup, installation, training, and ongoing support of new Fast-Weigh customers. Together with his team, Ron has coordinated hundreds of successful Fast-Weigh installations.

Eric Wilhite

Product Lead
Joining the Fast-Weigh team in 2015, Eric quickly assumed the role of Product Lead. With expertise in product strategy, API and Web development, data analysis, and cross-platform integration, Eric's primary responsibilities include defining and identifying features and technologies that drive the future of Fast-Weigh. Eric's contributions play a crucial role in enhancing the platform and ensuring its continued growth.

Haley Boles

Data Analyst
Haley joined Fast-Weigh in 2019. With a strong tech inclination, Haley quickly made an impact by transforming Fast-Weigh Customer Support from a one-woman show to the cohesive and efficient team it is today. Her role encompasses providing exceptional support and solutions, along with expertise in data science, reporting, and analytics. Haley is also responsible for enhancing internal systems and contributing to product development efforts. Guided by the team values of speed, accuracy, reliability, and collaboration, she consistently goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

BJ Lusk

Senior Product Specialist
BJ Lusk joined the team in 2019 after working for a major contracting company in Alabama, where he also became a Fast-Weigh customer. With extensive hands-on experience in the industry, including running aggregates and asphalt plants and managing billing and administration for bulk material operations, BJ is now a leader in sales and accounts at Fast-Weigh. His industry expertise and unique insight as a former Fast-Weigh user allows him to provide tailored solutions and support to both existing and prospective Fast-Weigh customers.

Megan Mendiola

Client Engagement Coordinator
Meghan is the third generation of the Mendiola family to join the Fast-Weigh team. Taking on the role of Client Engagement Coordinator in 2021, Megan brought valuable experience in solutions consulting for ERPs and accounting systems across various industries. With exceptional organizational and coordination skills, Megan effectively leverages current technologies to meet the unique needs of Fast-Weigh customers. Her expertise guarantees that our clients receive the highest level of satisfaction and support.

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