Support & Service Level Agreement


As part of your annual subscription, Fast-Weigh users benefit from expert support & technical assistance. TAC Insight provides direct phone and email-based lines of support, as well as in depth training guides & videos for customer self-service.


Phone: (865) 219-2980


Help Guides:

Training Videos:


During standard operating hours of Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm EST, we provide our customers with real-time support and problem resolution. Our support staff can be reached via email or phone, and will work with you to be sure any and all issues are resolved in a timely manner.

We provide on-demand support on weekends and outside of standard weekday operating hours. During this time, we actively monitor all support emails and call routing to ensure no problem goes unsolved.

We utilize internal support queues to immediately alert our entire support staff of incoming issues. This queue is constantly monitored and pings our staff when an email or call is received. This allows us to track and resolve any support needs in an efficient manner.


We continue to reinvest in our support and software development. Fast-Weigh is developed using the latest technologies and takes full advantage of the reliability afforded by Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. As such, we are able to lead the industry in providing continuous delivery of updates, patches, and new features to the platform. 

With a firm foundation and understanding of our customers' needs, we can guarantee our customers 99.5% up-time & availability to the Fast-Weigh platform.