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The AGG1 Expo Is Two Weeks Away. Here's Why You Want to Be There.




On February 12, the National Stone, Sand, & Gravel Association is having its 2019 AGG1 Academy & Expo. 27% of all attendees are aggregate producers. 42% are contractors and hauling companies. And for most of those attendees, load ticketing, job tracking, and truck dispatching are at the center of their business operations. This is why AGG1 2019 is the perfect opportunity for you to come by booth #26139 and get a live demo of Fast-Weigh 10, the industry's leading cloud-based material management system. Our platform supports all aspects of sales and bulk material transportation — dispatch, load-out, ticketing, billing, & delivery.

Visit Us at the 2018 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo!

TAC Insight, proud member of the National Stone, Sand, & Gravel Association, will be attending this year's AGG1 trade show in Houston, Texas. Visit us on March 6-8 at Booth 199 for a free demo of our Fast-Weigh 10 Material Management Suite, an exclusive preview of upcoming products and features, and more!