Now Available: New Hauler Pay Module for Fast-Weigh 10

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our new Hauler Pay module for Fast-Weigh 10. The Hauler Pay feature is designed to streamline your payments to material haulers and trucking companies.

Tracking and reconciling payment to hauling companies can be a challenge for material suppliers and contractors. By incorporating hauler payables directly into our Fast-Weigh 10 Material Management platform, we’ve simplified the process of generating trucker statements based on Fast-Weigh material tickets. Hauler Pay works directly with your existing Fast-Weigh 10 scale tickets, mobile tickets, and Proof-of-Delivery records to automatically generate accounts payable statements to independent haulers and trucking companies.

How Does it Work?
Similar in function to our Fast-Weigh Invoicing module, Hauler Pay allows users to generate payable statements from a simple web interface. Batches can be created based on a number of fine-tuned parameters including Region, Date Range, Hauler, Location and Order. For each statement generated, Fast-Weigh automatically assigns statement numbers to all vendor payable records. Statements can be printed or emailed directly to Haulers at an email address specified under their Hauler profile. Your Hauler Pay records can also be uploaded to your accounting system to reduce data entry and prevent accounting errors. 

 Sample Hauler Pay Statement Sample Hauler Pay Statement

The Fast-Weigh Hauler Pay is available immediately and can be added on to any existing or new customer subscription. 

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TAC Insight Releases New Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration Module

As more companies move their services to the cloud, we are seeing heightened interest in data integration between independent systems.  In our effort to remain at the leading edge of our industry by utilizing innovative cloud technologies, TAC Insight now takes advantage of REST API web services in our new Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration Module, available the latest update to our Fast-Weigh 10 scale ticketing platform.

"With our new Data Integration module, we wanted to make Fast-Weigh 10 the most accessible and easy-to-use scale ticketing software available," says Mike Mendiola, Director of Development. "Being on the forefront of cloud-based scale ticketing, we felt that offering a set of REST web services was the next logical step to allow our customers to gain programmability and easier access to their data."

Fast-Weigh Data Integration isn't limited to just cloud-based services. With REST API, data can flow between Fast-Weigh and legacy applications as well, allowing our customers easy integration with financial ERP platforms, accounting systems, and virtually any other cloud or internal data management platform.

For companies in the aggregate material and construction industries, software automation with API web services offers massive benefits to both their customers and their bottom line. Delivering digital information quickly and seamlessly over the cloud is key to increasing efficiency and revenue while engaging your customers with a unique, modern experience that guarantees loyalty to your product. Modernize your operations and secure a competitive advantage for your business with Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration.


TAC Insight provides cloud-based scale ticket management software, along with mobile and web development focused on the aggregate and construction industries. Our Fast-Weigh 10 platform remains at the forefront of SaaS applications for bulk material ticketing.

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Introducing: Fast-Weigh 10 Inventory

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our new cloud-based Material Inventory Module.

As part of our effort to provide continuous feature innovation, our new Inventory platform gives customers the ability to track inventory across all plant locations by Region.


  • Simple web portal interface available from any computer, anywhere

  • Real-time inventory quantities based on the original set quantity received and sold units

  • Inventory valuation based on cost per unit at each location

  • New fields in the product table to track production cost and royalty amounts by location

  • Methods to track inventory by physical survey, adjustment, or received material

  • Integration of real-time ticket data from the Fast-Weigh 10 desktop scale application for outgoing and incoming tickets

  • New Inventory Dashboard by Region/Location with filter-by-date parameter

  • New Analytics reporting to provide dynamic view into your inventory data

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Fast-Weigh Analytics now available!

TAC Insight is pleased to announce that, starting February 1st, the Fast-Weigh Analytics feature is available. Data is becoming an invaluable tool for today’s businesses.  Our new Analytics add-on uses sophisticated visuals and charts to give you deeper insight into your company’s operations. 

By integrating with our web-based Fast-Weigh ticketing environment, the Analytics module makes it simple and easy to transform your business into a modern, data-driven organization.

Your company’s data is a treasure trove.

It’s true—in business, it’s all about the numbers.  Business intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s world of work, yet interpreting all that raw data can be overwhelming. 

How can you start building a dynamic data culture within your business model that will put all those numbers to work? 

With new advancements in analytics, we can leverage tools that use data to tell stories about your business to explain, enlighten, and engage people with information.

Data analytics is especially valuable to the bulk material ticketing industry where precision is key.  By offering engaging visuals over traditional reports and spreadsheets, Fast-Weigh Analytics makes reading your data a breeze.  For example, this simple scatter plot showing total loads by order clearly identifies trends in customer sales data:

 Fast-Weigh Analytics, coming February 1. 2018 Fast-Weigh Analytics, coming February 1. 2018

Straightforward visuals like this help you draw conclusions that lead to informed decisions for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, databases, and intelligence is changing the analytics landscape.  Powerful data modeling can now be done without costly servers, complex database design, or in-house data specialists.  With self-service analytics, business users are empowered to get answers to questions themselves and gain deeper knowledge and understanding of their business.  Fast-Weigh Analytics operates in the cloud, making it accessible anywhere, anytime—just like the rest of the Fast-Weigh suite.

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