Fast-Weigh 10 Updates - July 2018

Today, we'll be rolling out a significant Fast-Weigh 10 software update with a broad list of new features, including Topaz signature pad support, new custom fields for your trucks, a ton of new settings for the desktop ticketing app, and more! 

For customers using our desktop app, we recommend you run the update at the end of your workday, after 4pm EST. Our Web Portal update will be published overnight. See below for the full list of new features and other changes.

Feature Breakdown

Desktop Scale Application



TO Update your scale app:

Your Fast-Weight 10 scale house application should prompt you to update when you open the app. If it doesn't prompt, go to Settings >> About and click "Check for updates."

You may also update directly from the Microsoft Store. Search the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing," or find our app at the direct link:

You can also verify that your app is up to date by going to Downloads and Updates in the Microsoft Store as shown below:






  • We have obscured both the Customer and Device PINs so your credentials are no longer visible.
  • You can now set font size for the app. This allows support for lower resolution displays.
  • Get Lists from Portal
    • Setting to Always forces the app to only pull Trucks, Customers, and Order data directly from the web portal, skipping the local database.
      NOTE: Only set this option to Always if you have a fast, stable internet connection at all times.
    • Setting to Never retains data locally, the same as before. Data will be pulled from the local database, and will be updated from the cloud upon sync.
    • Setting to Optional adds a checkbox to the Ticketing screen so you can easily choose whether you want to pull local or cloud-based data. This checkbox becomes visible when choosing a truck, customer, order, and product.



  • Track Order Quantity
    • We now have the ability to warn or prevent ticketing once an order has reached either a load or unit quantity threshold. The number entered indicated how many units away from the limit you should be when it warns you. For example, if the number “10” is entered, the system will warn when you are ten loads or units away from your Order Quantity limit.

      Setting Order Quanity:
      The Order Quantity threshold can be set when adding products to an order. NOTE: This field is only available on the Web Portal order setup screen.

  • Allow Phase/Cost Type Updates

    • We now allow you to choose from preset list of default phase codes while ticketing.
      NOTE: This list must be defined on the Web Portal order setup screen.


  • We've expanded our scale settings to include TCP output support, allowing our app to read output from your weight indicator over a local network using IP.
  • We now have Topaz signature pad support.
  • RFID support has been expanded to include support for Transcore readers and tags.
  • Magstripe support has been expanded.


  • We have added a drop-down menu which allows you to view Active, Inactive, or All trucks in your global truck list.
  • We have added the Get List from Portal checkbox to your truck list.
  • When editing a truck, you can now modify its active/inactive status.
  • We have added User-Defined Fields (UDFs) to truck profiles. 
    Truck UDFs must be defined from the Web Portal, under Administration >> Portal Settings.


  • We have implemented multiple aesthetic enhancements to improve usability.


  • The upper-right menu has been modified to include a direct link to the Team Viewer remote support tool and our new Knowledge Base for a better customer support experience.
  • We can now send your custom ticket formats to your scale app via the cloud! You can get your custom tickets by simply navigating to Settings >> Reports and clicking the Update from Portal button and then setting your format under Settings >> Ticket.



Web Portal



This month's Web Portal update will be published overnight.

New Add-On Feature!

  • NEW - Optional module: Third-Party Scale & Batch Plant Ticket Import add-on. We can now seamlessly import tickets from certain third-party softwares. 
    Contact us for more information on this add-on:


  • We have added a new Edit All Products button to the order setup screen, allowing you to edit parameters for all products on an order at once.

Ticket Query

  • You can now edit User-Defined Fields (UDFs) on tickets from the Ticket Query.
  • If a ticket was entered on the scale app or via Web Portal Ticket Entry, you can now view or edit ticket notes from the new Note column.


  • Performance updates


  • The Help link at the top right of the Web Portal has been updated to go to our new Knowledge Base.



Mobile Ticketing



  • Fast-Weigh 10 Mobile Ticketing app now supports driver signatures!

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal Updates - June 2018



On Thursday, May 31, we are implementing a big update to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal. The Portal will update automatically, with no user action needed. Stand by for an update to the desktop ticketing application, coming in mid-June!

Updates & New Features:

Updates to Regions
Resources >> Locations >> Edit Region

  • NEW - Remit Note can now be added to your regions. Remit notes will appear as custom messages on invoices run for customers ticketed in those regions.
    Note: Our Billing & Invoicing module is required to run invoices. Contact us to add this feature to your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription:


Updates to the Ticket Query Screen
Tickets >> Ticket Query

  • NEW - We have redesigned the Ticket Query table with a few improvements:
    • When scrolling to the right, the Ticket Date, Time, Ticket Number, Order Number, Truck ID, and Edit columns are now locked in place while you scroll so they are always visible to the user.
    • We moved the Edit buttons to the left side of the table, making them more accessible.
    • We have added the Order Description and PO Number columns to the table

Updates to the Ticket Entry Screen

Tickets >> Ticket Entry

  • NEW - Ticket Notes can now be added from the Ticket Entry screen.

Updates to the Quotes Module

Quotes >> Quotes >> Add/Edit Quote

  • NEW - A Quote Note can now be added to your quotes. Our printable quote forms have also been updated to reflect this change.
    Note: Our Quotes module is required to use this feature. Contact us to add this feature to your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription:

Updates to the Order Setup Screen

Orders >> Orders >> Add/Edit Order

  • NEW - For our customers using Viewpoint integration, the order setup screen now includes new Phase Code logic which allows users to define a custom list of phase codes to be used when ticketing on that order.
    • Steps:  Add or Edit an order, and be sure the Job Requisition box is checked. Choose a Default Job from the list. Then click the [...] button next to Phase and select the appropriate phases. Save the order. Now, the operator at the scale house can choose from those phases while ticketing.
    • NOTE: This feature requires our upcoming June update for the desktop ticketing application in order to function. See below for a preview of that update!



  • NEW - We have now added User-Defined Fields (UDFs) for Orders. Go to Administration >> Portal Settings and click the "User-Defined Fields" button to create up to three UDFs to be used on Orders.

Updates to the Billing History Tab

Billing >> Billing History

  • NEW - We have added Batch Number and Invoice Number search parameters to the Billing History tab, making it much easier to locate invoices.
    • Note: The Billing & Invoicing module is required to use this feature. Contact us to add this feature to your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription:



  • Fixed an issue on the Ticket Query screen where, if there is only one region and location, the "choose" button next to "Order" was grayed out and not clickable.
  • The Web Portal now sends all trucks down to the desktop scale application regardless of "Active" or "Inactive" status to prevent duplicate truck creation. However, only Active trucks can be ticketed.
  • The Web Portal now sends all trucks down to the desktop scale application regardless of license and insurance expiration. However, trucks with expired credentials cannot be ticketed for.
  • Fixed the Current Inventory column on the Inventory Dashboard to calculate amounts correctly. Contact us to get the Inventory Module add-on:
  • Under Reports, the Ticket Reprint report now calculates freight amounts correctly.
  • Fixed an issue on the Web Portal Dashboard where Units By Time did not display in the proper order.


Upcoming Updates to the Desktop Ticketing Application

Stay tuned for our June scale app update! Here are a few of the upcoming changes:

  • Set up insurance and license expiration dates when adding a new truck from the scale app
  • Change the status of a truck (Active or Inactive)
  • Viewpoint Integration customers will be able to change phase codes on individual tickets while ticketing
  • Topaz signature pad support
  • And more!



Contact Our Support Team

TAC Insight Releases New Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration Module

As more companies move their services to the cloud, we are seeing heightened interest in data integration between independent systems.  In our effort to remain at the leading edge of our industry by utilizing innovative cloud technologies, TAC Insight now takes advantage of REST API web services in our new Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration Module, available the latest update to our Fast-Weigh 10 scale ticketing platform.

"With our new Data Integration module, we wanted to make Fast-Weigh 10 the most accessible and easy-to-use scale ticketing software available," says Mike Mendiola, Director of Development. "Being on the forefront of cloud-based scale ticketing, we felt that offering a set of REST web services was the next logical step to allow our customers to gain programmability and easier access to their data."

Fast-Weigh Data Integration isn't limited to just cloud-based services. With REST API, data can flow between Fast-Weigh and legacy applications as well, allowing our customers easy integration with financial ERP platforms, accounting systems, and virtually any other cloud or internal data management platform.

For companies in the aggregate material and construction industries, software automation with API web services offers massive benefits to both their customers and their bottom line. Delivering digital information quickly and seamlessly over the cloud is key to increasing efficiency and revenue while engaging your customers with a unique, modern experience that guarantees loyalty to your product. Modernize your operations and secure a competitive advantage for your business with Fast-Weigh 10 Data Integration.


TAC Insight provides cloud-based scale ticket management software, along with mobile and web development focused on the aggregate and construction industries. Our Fast-Weigh 10 platform remains at the forefront of SaaS applications for bulk material ticketing.

For more information, visit



Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal Updates - May 2018

This evening, we are rolling out a number of updates to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal. The Portal will update automatically, with no user action needed.

Updates & New Features:

  • NEW – We have added a new Invoice Email field to Customer profiles
  • NEW – You can now email invoices to customers directly from the Billing History tab. 
    • Utilizing the new Invoice Email address field, you can email invoices in batch or individual invoices.
  • NEW – Added an email log showing when invoice emails were sent and which Portal user sent them.
  • NEW – Added a print log showing when an invoice was last printed
  • NEW – We also now allow you to print individual invoices from Billing History


  • NEW – Added a filter by Location parameter to the Order setup screen
  • NEW – Updated the Android & iOS production mobile app to include new graphs and charts.




  • NEW – Updated the production app to display ticket date and time instead of date only

NOTE: Mobile app updates pending app store approval.

  • NEW – We now have a Live Daily Production dashboard for Analytics subscribers
    • UPDATE – We now automatically load the Live Daily Production dashboard by default under Analytics



  • NEW – We have a new Fast-Weigh 10 Knowledge Base with printable help articles, training videos, and more. The Knowledge Base is a new project we are working on, to be improved daily. Find it at
  • NEW – Our Ticket Query training video has been published. View it here.
  • UPDATE – For Fast-Weigh Inventory subscribers, inventory numbers now relieve properly.



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Fast-Weigh 10 April Update

This month's update is a big one, with an awesome lineup of new features and changes to make your Fast-Weigh experience even better. Prevent your scale configuration and app settings from ever being lost with our new Configuration Backup feature. Get more flexibility with expanded material quantity ranges and values. Send email notifications to your customers each time a ticket is created for one of their orders. And much more!

Update your scale app:

Your Fast-Weight 10 scale house application should prompt you to update when you open the app. If it doesn't prompt, go to Settings >> About and click "Check for updates."

You may also update directly from the Microsoft Store. Search the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing," or find our app at the direct link:

You can also verify that your app is up to date by going to Downloads and Updates in the Microsoft Store as shown below:


See what's new!

Here's a list of new additions you can expect in the update, which will be rolled out over the weekend. 

Scale Application Updates

  • New Scale Configuration and Device Info Backup Tool
    • You can now back up your settings and scale configurations and store them in the cloud. After updating your scale app, please go to Settings>>About and click the [Save Configuration] button.

  • Backed up configurations can be restored from the cloud by entering Debug Mode in the scale app and then going to About. In Debug Mode, the [Load Configuration] button will become visible.
  • How do I enter Debug Mode? 
    To enter our hidden Debug Mode, go to Settings >> About and double-click the words "Device ID." Then enter your customer PIN (listed under Settings >> General). If your PIN does not work or you need assistance, get in touch with our Customer Support and we'll walk you through it.

  • Zero Tare Weights Now Allowed
    • We now support the concept of “Zero” tare weights in Fast-Weigh to allow for net-only weighing.
  • Stored Tare Weights and Inbound Weighing
    • Stored tare weights can now be applied when ticketing on Inbound orders. A new value found in Settings allows you to set this value to NEVER, ALWAYS, or PROMPT during ticketing. When set to always get the stored tare weight from the cloud, the app will not require you to save a tare on their way out of the yard.

  • Expanded Material Quantities and Values
    • In the past, decimals were not allowed on certain units of measure. This has been changed. While ticketing, decimals can now be entered on most unit types (except for unit type “Loads”).
    • We have provided support for larger integers up to 999,999.99 for customers tracking items like gallons, barrels, or other large-quantity sales
  • Tare from the Ticketing Screen
    • We have added an option to tare from the ticketing screen.  This allows you to tare a truck without going to the truck menu from the main ticketing screen.  **This requires you to change the “Allow tare when ticketing” setting to YES. This also requires the Truck/Order/Product to be selected first.

  • Fixed issues with running certain scale reports from Fast-Weigh 10 desktop scale application.

Web Portal Updates

  • Customer Email Notifications
    • When tickets are uploaded to Portal, you can now send notifications to your customers via email with ticket number, truck/hauler, order/product, data/time, and net quantity. This new optional module must be turned on for each customer. If interested, please call or email for additional information.
  • Updated Dashboards
    • We are including a fresh set of dashboards to include a new product summary grid along with enhanced graphical charts.


  • Scale App Settings Backup Stored on the Portal
    • As listed above, you can now back up your settings and scale configurations and store them in the cloud! This will be accessible via a new button on the scale application under Settings >> About. Backed up configurations can then be restored from the Web Portal.This also makes all basic scale system information available online for troubleshooting.
    • To view config data you've uploaded from the app, open the Web Portal and go to Devices, where you will find a [Show] button in the Configuration column.

  • Universal Accounting Interface
    • We have developed a new universal accounting interface, allowing us to export file formats compatible with any accounting system.
  • Expanded Material Quantities
    • We now support larger integers up to 999,999.99 for items like gallons, barrels, or other large-quantity sales.
  • Secondary Tax Rates
    • We have included a new Secondary Tax Rate and calculation to handle additional VAT, City, or local taxes. Turn this on by visiting your Portal Settings. Then secondary tax rates can be added under Tax Codes.

  • Changes and Additions to Reports
    • We have updated many reports to include tax columns, and tax is now included in total amount calculations.
    • Added a new report category call Reprint, allowing you to reprint scale tickets from the Web Portal with several of our standard ticket formats.
    • We have updated multiple reports and screens to include total tax computation based on our new secondary tax option.
  • We have included several updates to our analytics data models and sales computation.
  • We have removed the unneeded Default Price column from the Product List on the Products screen.
  • We have removed the unneeded Tax Status drop-down menu from the Customer profile when creating or editing Customers.


Need support? We're happy to help.

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Introducing: Fast-Weigh 10 Inventory

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our new cloud-based Material Inventory Module.

As part of our effort to provide continuous feature innovation, our new Inventory platform gives customers the ability to track inventory across all plant locations by Region.


  • Simple web portal interface available from any computer, anywhere

  • Real-time inventory quantities based on the original set quantity received and sold units

  • Inventory valuation based on cost per unit at each location

  • New fields in the product table to track production cost and royalty amounts by location

  • Methods to track inventory by physical survey, adjustment, or received material

  • Integration of real-time ticket data from the Fast-Weigh 10 desktop scale application for outgoing and incoming tickets

  • New Inventory Dashboard by Region/Location with filter-by-date parameter

  • New Analytics reporting to provide dynamic view into your inventory data

For more information about Fast-Weigh 10 or our new Inventory Module, please visit us at or contact us at

Fast-Weigh 10: Next-Level Material Management

Take ticketing and bulk material management to the next level. Get Fast-Weigh 10.

Fast-Weigh delivers a complete material management solution for companies of all sizes with a unified web, mobile, and desktop platform designed to grow with your business.

  • Quick and easy setup requiring no expensive training
  • No local servers, databases or complex IT infrastructure to setup or install
  • Simple, user-friendly ticketing
  • Centralized web portal with unlimited users
  • Production tracking and order/pricing management from any device
  • Direct integration with Viewpoint’s Vista and Spectrum accounting systems
  • Ability to share ticketing data with your customers and haulers
  • Real-time backup and data recovery
  • Automatic updates and ongoing feature development

Access and manage your data anytime, anywhere, from any device. Enjoy effortless ticketing from scale house PCs, unattended kiosks, and even your smart phone. Our platform supports all aspects of sales and bulk material transportation – dispatch, load-out, ticketing, billing, and delivery.

Visit Us at the 2018 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo!

TAC Insight, proud member of the National Stone, Sand, & Gravel Association, will be attending this year's AGG1 trade show in Houston, Texas. Visit us on March 6-8 at Booth 199 for a free demo of our Fast-Weigh 10 Material Management Suite, an exclusive preview of upcoming products and features, and more!

Fast-Weigh 10 Software Updates - February 2018



Coming This Week: Updates to the Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Scale Application

Our most recent update to the Fast Weigh 10 Desktop scale house application – VERSION 1.2.3 – will be published and available on 2/16/2018 in the Microsoft Store.

NOTE: This update is for Fast Weigh 10 customers only. For those interested in upgrading to Fast-Weigh 10, please contact us at or call 865-219-2980 to learn more.




The newest update for the Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop application requires the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, version 1709. Please update your PC's operating system this week by going to Settings >> Update & Security and clicking Check for Updates.

After your version of Windows 10 has been updated, you may update your Fast-Weigh 10 scale house application by searching the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing" on Friday, February 16. You may also use the direct link below:


 Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop on the Windows Store



  • New Ticket Note field, plus repeating UDF and Ticket Note values
  • Performance enhancements for ticket upload and syncing
  • Ticketing Screen now refocuses cursor on weight field when selecting from Truck Turnaround History or Assigned Orders to improve efficiency.
  • Kiosk mode now supports inbound loads
  • Advanced Printing now includes the option to redirect cash sale tickets to a specific printer
  • When receiving tares from the Web Portal, the system now updates truck assignments as well
  • Updated traffic light controller to activate lights prior to syncing
  • Added Truck ID to the print log (if Advanced Printing options are enabled)
  • System no longer allows Truck IDs to be edited when taring a truck
  • Fixed issue where system selected the wrong scale if the mouse was used to select from multiple scales
  • Fixed issues with truck image capture on multiple scales
  • Compressed ticket PDFs to increase sync performance and reduce file sizes
  • New ticket formats to include truck images and QR codes




Available Now: Web Portal Updates

We have released a variety of new features and enhancements for the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal.


  • Implemented enhanced password security to keep your data safe.
  • Emails will now be sent to new users, allowing them to set up their own passwords.
  • Once a password has been set, the administrator can email password reset links to users.
  • The login screen now includes a Forgot Password link.
  • The Ticket Bulk Edit screen now includes the option to query by Hauler and Truck.


  • Updated the Portal Settings screen, which now includes additional Password & Security Settings

  • Updated the Fast-Weigh 10 Analytics module and added new views.
  • On the Ticket Query screen, when a Hauler is selected, the Truck list to the right of it now filters by that Hauler.
  • Export to Excel from the Ticket Query screen has been enhanced to handle larger data sets.




Fast-Weigh 10 Video Training

We are now producing a series of helpful Fast-Weigh 10 training videos! Check out our new Youtube channel for step-by-step video walkthroughs that you can share with your team and rewatch as needed.




Need support? We're happy to help.

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Fast-Weigh Analytics now available!

TAC Insight is pleased to announce that, starting February 1st, the Fast-Weigh Analytics feature is available. Data is becoming an invaluable tool for today’s businesses.  Our new Analytics add-on uses sophisticated visuals and charts to give you deeper insight into your company’s operations. 

By integrating with our web-based Fast-Weigh ticketing environment, the Analytics module makes it simple and easy to transform your business into a modern, data-driven organization.

Your company’s data is a treasure trove.

It’s true—in business, it’s all about the numbers.  Business intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s world of work, yet interpreting all that raw data can be overwhelming. 

How can you start building a dynamic data culture within your business model that will put all those numbers to work? 

With new advancements in analytics, we can leverage tools that use data to tell stories about your business to explain, enlighten, and engage people with information.

Data analytics is especially valuable to the bulk material ticketing industry where precision is key.  By offering engaging visuals over traditional reports and spreadsheets, Fast-Weigh Analytics makes reading your data a breeze.  For example, this simple scatter plot showing total loads by order clearly identifies trends in customer sales data:

 Fast-Weigh Analytics, coming February 1. 2018 Fast-Weigh Analytics, coming February 1. 2018

Straightforward visuals like this help you draw conclusions that lead to informed decisions for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, databases, and intelligence is changing the analytics landscape.  Powerful data modeling can now be done without costly servers, complex database design, or in-house data specialists.  With self-service analytics, business users are empowered to get answers to questions themselves and gain deeper knowledge and understanding of their business.  Fast-Weigh Analytics operates in the cloud, making it accessible anywhere, anytime—just like the rest of the Fast-Weigh suite.

Click here to learn more about Fast-Weigh Analytics.

Or give us a call at 865-219-2980 to speak with one of our business intelligence experts and discuss pricing for this new Fast-Weigh 10 offering.