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February Web Portal Update

This weekend, we'll be rolling out an exciting update for the Fast-Weigh 10 web portal. You don't have to do anything to trigger the update - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks.

Expanding Your Material Sales Intelligence with the Cloud

by Steve Rasmussen 

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a new prospect to estimate their annual or daily material ticket volume and they can’t readily provide this information. These questions should be easy for companies to answer, whether you're at the office, at home, or even traveling with a mobile device.

The AGG1 Expo Is Two Weeks Away. Here's Why You Want to Be There.




On February 12, the National Stone, Sand, & Gravel Association is having its 2019 AGG1 Academy & Expo. 27% of all attendees are aggregate producers. 42% are contractors and hauling companies. And for most of those attendees, load ticketing, job tracking, and truck dispatching are at the center of their business operations. This is why AGG1 2019 is the perfect opportunity for you to come by booth #26139 and get a live demo of Fast-Weigh 10, the industry's leading cloud-based material management system. Our platform supports all aspects of sales and bulk material transportation — dispatch, load-out, ticketing, billing, & delivery.

Fast-Weigh 10 December 2018 Update

Over the weekend, we rolled out a new software update for the Fast-Weigh 10 web portal. This includes new features for the Reporting module that allows for emailing and searching of reports.

Now Available: New Hauler Pay Module for Fast-Weigh 10

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our new Hauler Pay module for Fast-Weigh 10. The Hauler Pay feature is designed to streamline your payments to material haulers and trucking companies.

FastWeigh 10 November 2018 Update

Our November 2018 software update will be rolled out this week! Enjoy an extensive list of new features and enhancements, including a number of changes to the Web Portal, new hopper scale support, improved app functionality, and more.

August 2018 Update to the Fast-Weigh Scale Application for Windows 10

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our latest update to our Fast-Weigh 10 ticketing software, including new Settings controls, a brand new interface for the Trucks screen, the ability to hide all pricing from operators, and more! See below for a full list of new features and other changes.

August 2018 Web Portal Update

Our August 2018 Web Portal update is here! This month, we've revamped our User Administration area on the Web Portal with a new Sales role, additional restriction options, and more.

Preview - August 2018 Software Updates

At TAC Insight, we know that ongoing innovation is key to remaining at the forefront of the truck scale software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. In our August update, we are excited to bring you several enhancements to our next-generation Fast-Weigh 10 platform. A few of those changes are available now!

Fast-Weigh 10 Updates - July 2018

Today, we'll be rolling out a significant Fast-Weigh 10 software update with a broad list of new features, including Topaz signature pad support, new custom fields for your trucks, a ton of new settings for the desktop ticketing app, and more!