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The new Fast-Weigh 10 Dispatching suite will rock your world.

We are excited to announce the release of our Fast-Weigh 10 Dispatching platform. The dispatching suite integrates fully with your ticketing and hauling data so you can ticket, dispatch, and track trucks, all on a single platform. Keep truckers accountable with live GPS mapping, alert drivers with SMS text notifications, and manage your hauling operations with a modern web interface you can access from anywhere.

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In the bulk material industry, scheduling and delivering product is becoming more challenging. Truck and driver shortages have a large impact on producers, haulers, and contractors who rely on those trucks to deliver materials in a timely manner. With Fast-Weigh 10 Dispatching, TAC Insight aims to make the material delivery process more efficient for our customers.




Dispatching Web Interface

  • whiteboardHosted on the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal - accessible from any device
  • Integrates with orders, tickets, and hauling data from all locations
  • Map and automatically calculate haul distance and times
  • Easily add and manage dispatches from the Dispatching Whiteboard
  • Request fulfillment feature - request specific haulers and/or trucks for your dispatches
  • Send live SMS text alerts to your drivers




  • Available on the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal
  • Get an in-depth look at your dispatching activity related to brokers, trucks, and jobs
  • Reports can be printed, downloaded, or exported to Excel


In-Cab Mobile App*

*Optional add-on

  • dispatch mobile 2In-app notifications
  • GPS navigation to pickup and delivery locations
  • Enables live truck mapping on the Dispatching web interface
  • Allows multiple drivers to use the same in-cab mobile device
  • Accommodates multiple ticket types
    • Create at pickup
    • Create at delivery
    • Receive at pickup
    • Receive at delivery
    • Load count only
    • Fast-Weigh POD - integrated with the Fast-Weigh Proof-of-Delivery app



Meeting Industry Demand in the Digital Age

20190108_093229 (2)The Fast-Weigh 10 Dispatching platform is designed to work for companies of all sizes. "We saw a need for material haulers, producers, and contractors who were looking for an integrated ticketing platform that included order and ticket management, combined with dispatching and truck communication," says Steve Rasmussen, partner at TAC Insight. "Several of our Fast-Weigh 10 customers came to us with a need to address the scheduling and delivery of materials and managing payments to hauling companies. The new Dispatching and Hauler Pay modules were designed specifically to address the need for a simple, cloud-based solution that could be easily integrated with a truck ticketing platform."

The bulk material industry is now looking for ways to evolve and bring data together between producers, contractors, and trucking companies and eliminate isolated silos of information. Developed by working closely with our customers, Fast-Weigh 10 solves that problem by enabling shared data across all parties.

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Get Fast-Weigh 10

For more information on our cloud-based truck ticketing and dispatching platform, visit www.tacinsight.com, give us a call at 865-219-2980, or email us at support@tacinsight.com.