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August 2019 Fast-Weigh 10 Update

This week, we're rolling out a new Fast-Weigh 10 software update, which applies to both the Fast-Weigh 10 web portal and the desktop ticketing application for Windows 10.

Details below.

Here's what's new:

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

  • NEW - QuickBooks Desktop Direct Integration
    • You can now post invoices and invoice batches directly to QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) without needing to use a third-party import tool. Fast-Weigh will send you an email notification once the batch has finished processing. And, like our QuickBooks Online integration, the new QBD integration tool also allows you to import new customers and products directly into Fast-Weigh from QBD. 
      FW QBTo add QuickBooks Desktop Integration to your Fast-Weigh 10 package, contact us at 865-219-2980 or support@tacinsight.com
  • Orders
    • You may now Add All Products to any orders - including those that are not checked as Open.
    • When adding products to an order, you may now add all location pricing for a single product ID in one click.
  • Other Updates:
    • Truck Assignment screen UI enhancements
    • Ticket Entry screen UI enhancements
    • Customer Import screen no longer offers “None” as tax code choice


Fast-Weigh Ticketing Desktop Application

  • Settings Menu
  • Ticketing Screen
    • When choosing a truck, the truck list now displays a red asterisk (*next to Trucks with expired insurance.

  • Ticket History Screen
    • NEW Void Note feature - When voiding a ticket, user will be prompted to leave an optional void note
      void note
  • Truck Screen
    • Enhanced truck screen user interface. The "Add/Edit Truck" tab has now been separated into two tabs.
    • Added support for the new default capacities for truck types feature.
    • Added Hauler Insurance Expiration field to the Add Hauler tab
  • Other Updates:
    • Enhancements and aesthetic updates to the Kiosk Mode UI
    • Added Spanish/French setting for Kiosk Mode
    • Tweaks for RFID and MagStripe reading
    • For those of you using phase codes, Cost Types are now included in the Phase Code list on the ticketing screen.

Fast-Weigh 10 in Less Than Two Minutes

Check out our new product overview video, and be sure to share it with anyone who might need Fast-Weigh 10 in their lives. 👍


Get Fast-Weigh 10
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