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Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade Your Scale House PCs to Windows 10



Windows 10 has been available since 2015, yet your scale houses are still running some antique ticketing software on Windows 7 machines (or worse, Windows Vista). Why?

We get it. There are plenty of reasons people don’t upgrade their systems, chief of which is that change is hard. Is upgrading worth the cost? What if Windows 10 doesn’t support your current ticketing software? (It probably doesn’t, because nothing supports your fifteen-year-old scale program anymore.)


Microsoft has moved beyond outdated, unreliable operating systems, and you should too.

If your business is still operating on older versions of Windows 7, Vista, or even Windows XP, now is the time to evaluate the high level of risk involved with using outdated systems. With Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 in less than 9 months, it is imperative that companies migrate away from this decade-old OS and switch to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Counter-intuitive as it sounds, running old programs on old operating systems is actually more expensive in the long run than upgrading. Windows 7 is far slower and less efficient than 10, it’s much more vulnerable to viruses and malware, and using it means more down-time and a slew of technical issues that require costly IT support to solve.


In 2019, the price of up-to-date hardware and software is often less than you would expect. An entire scale house can now be run in a secure, reliable Windows 10 environment with live data backups using little more than an inexpensive laptop and a cloud-based ticketing software. Fast-Weigh 10 is designed specifically for Windows 10 and takes advantage of automated software updates to keep your scale house operations as modern and efficient as possible. Paired with a cloud-capable accounting system, a modern ticketing and dispatching software will help your company cut costs, lower your risk of catastrophic data loss, and increase production and revenue.

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May 2019 Fast-Weigh 10 Update

Over the next few weeks, we'll begin rolling out our Fast-Weigh 10 software update for May 2019. This is a big update across multiple apps and modules - our web portal update will be released over the next few days with a number of enhancements, new features, and more! The Fast-Weigh Ticketing desktop app and mobile apps will be updated over the next couple weeks.

Details below.

Here's what's new:

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

  • NEW - Hauler Assignment - From the Haulers page, Haulers can now be assigned to one or more specific Customers. Once assigned, when one of the hauler's trucks has been entered on the Fast-Weigh Ticketing app, only those Customers will be visible for selection.

    Video Walkthrough:



  • NEW - Proof of Delivery web module
    • Tickets created via our new Proof of Delivery mobile app can now be viewed, mapped, and managed via our new POD web module. Contact us today for more info on how to add this to your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription.

pod query map

  • Quotes
    • Added Order Delivery Info to the Quote setup screen
    • Added Unit Type to Quote Products
  • Reports
    • NEW - Order Quantity Progress report has been added under the Orders reporting category 
  • Spectrum Integration
    • Added support for Spectrum AR Multi-Line invoices (supports posting to multiple GL accounts)
  • Other Updates:
    • Resolved an issue where awarded Quotes could not be copied or edited
    • Addressed performance issues with Hauler Pay Statements


Fast-Weigh Ticketing Desktop Application

new app colors

  • NEW - Hourly time calculator
    • If a product uses the Hours unit of measure, our desktop ticketing app can now calculate how many hours a truck has hauled on that order, based on first and last load times.
  • Other Updates:
    • Fixed issue with tare weights on the Truck Screen when manually-keyed weights are disallowed
    • Fixed issue where, in the case of identical truck IDs, the hauler could only be selected by arrow keys. Clicking now works properly.

    •  Multiple updates to RFID/MagStripe support

    •  When editing a truck on the Add/Edit Truck screen, the app can now use saved tares from the web portal

    • Added support to handle IP camera security/authentication by allowing the user to add the camera's password under Devices

    • Resolved certain issues with operator signature screen

    • Haul Zone list on the ticketing screen now sorts properly and is searchable

    •  Updated Haul Zone UI on Add/Edit Order screen

    • Added RF Proximity Card enhancements for Kiosk Mode

    • Resolved issue with failure to sync on startup
    • Resolved certain rounding issues on ticket formats

    • In some rare environments, the system was creating duplicate ticket numbers. This has been corrected.


Mobile Ticketing App


  • NEW - Hourly time calculator
    • If a product uses the Hours unit of measure, our mobile app can now calculate how many hours a truck has hauled on that order, based on first and last load times.
  • Other Updates:
    • Added Haul Zone support
    • Added cash amount calculation to ticketing screen when ticketing for a Cash order
    • UDF fields now supported


NEW Trucker Proof of Delivery App

Try out our new in-cab Proof of Delivery app designed for truckers. Contact us today for more info on how to add this to your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription.



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