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Fast-Weigh 10 Updates - July 2018

Today, we'll be rolling out a significant Fast-Weigh 10 software update with a broad list of new features, including Topaz signature pad support, new custom fields for your trucks, a ton of new settings for the desktop ticketing app, and more! 

For customers using our desktop app, we recommend you run the update at the end of your workday, after 4pm EST. Our Web Portal update will be published overnight. See below for the full list of new features and other changes.

Feature Breakdown

Desktop Scale Application



TO Update your scale app:

Your Fast-Weight 10 scale house application should prompt you to update when you open the app. If it doesn't prompt, go to Settings >> About and click "Check for updates."

You may also update directly from the Microsoft Store. Search the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing," or find our app at the direct link:  https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9pgbwrvnqgsv

You can also verify that your app is up to date by going to Downloads and Updates in the Microsoft Store as shown below:






  • We have obscured both the Customer and Device PINs so your credentials are no longer visible.
  • You can now set font size for the app. This allows support for lower resolution displays.
  • Get Lists from Portal
    • Setting to Always forces the app to only pull Trucks, Customers, and Order data directly from the web portal, skipping the local database.
      NOTE: Only set this option to Always if you have a fast, stable internet connection at all times.
    • Setting to Never retains data locally, the same as before. Data will be pulled from the local database, and will be updated from the cloud upon sync.
    • Setting to Optional adds a checkbox to the Ticketing screen so you can easily choose whether you want to pull local or cloud-based data. This checkbox becomes visible when choosing a truck, customer, order, and product.



  • Track Order Quantity
    • We now have the ability to warn or prevent ticketing once an order has reached either a load or unit quantity threshold. The number entered indicated how many units away from the limit you should be when it warns you. For example, if the number “10” is entered, the system will warn when you are ten loads or units away from your Order Quantity limit.

      Setting Order Quanity:
      The Order Quantity threshold can be set when adding products to an order. NOTE: This field is only available on the Web Portal order setup screen.

  • Allow Phase/Cost Type Updates

    • We now allow you to choose from preset list of default phase codes while ticketing.
      NOTE: This list must be defined on the Web Portal order setup screen.


  • We've expanded our scale settings to include TCP output support, allowing our app to read output from your weight indicator over a local network using IP.
  • We now have Topaz signature pad support.
  • RFID support has been expanded to include support for Transcore readers and tags.
  • Magstripe support has been expanded.


  • We have added a drop-down menu which allows you to view Active, Inactive, or All trucks in your global truck list.
  • We have added the Get List from Portal checkbox to your truck list.
  • When editing a truck, you can now modify its active/inactive status.
  • We have added User-Defined Fields (UDFs) to truck profiles. 
    Truck UDFs must be defined from the Web Portal, under Administration >> Portal Settings.


  • We have implemented multiple aesthetic enhancements to improve usability.


  • The upper-right menu has been modified to include a direct link to the Team Viewer remote support tool and our new Knowledge Base for a better customer support experience.
  • We can now send your custom ticket formats to your scale app via the cloud! You can get your custom tickets by simply navigating to Settings >> Reports and clicking the Update from Portal button and then setting your format under Settings >> Ticket.



Web Portal



This month's Web Portal update will be published overnight.

New Add-On Feature!

  • NEW - Optional module: Third-Party Scale & Batch Plant Ticket Import add-on. We can now seamlessly import tickets from certain third-party softwares. 
    Contact us for more information on this add-on: support@tacinsight.com


  • We have added a new Edit All Products button to the order setup screen, allowing you to edit parameters for all products on an order at once.

Ticket Query

  • You can now edit User-Defined Fields (UDFs) on tickets from the Ticket Query.
  • If a ticket was entered on the scale app or via Web Portal Ticket Entry, you can now view or edit ticket notes from the new Note column.


  • Performance updates


  • The Help link at the top right of the Web Portal has been updated to go to our new Knowledge Base.



Mobile Ticketing



  • Fast-Weigh 10 Mobile Ticketing app now supports driver signatures!