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Updates & Enhancements to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal & Desktop App

FW10 Web Portal

New Feature: Haul Zones

(Orders >> Haul Zones)

Fast-Weigh 10's new Haul Zones feature allows you to develop variable freight and hauling rates at the ticketing level. A number of factors can impact these rates, including distanced traveled during the haul. Each Haul Zone you set up will be specific to a particular region and location.

You may add Haul Zones by going to Orders >> Haul Zones and clicking New Haul Zone.

To turn on Haul Zones for a particular Order, you may visit Orders >> Orders and either edit an existing Order, or create a new one. Then go to Use Haul Zones, click Change..., hit Okay, and you will see that the "No" has changed to a "Yes." 

Be sure to save the Order before you leave this page.


New Location Enhancements

(Resources >> Locations)

We have modified our Locations section to include the following new fields:

  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Physical Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

This will allow for location-based analytics in future updates.


Adding a New Truck: Haulers Now Sorted Alphabetically

(Trucks >> Trucks)

When adding a new Truck on the Web Portal, the list of Haulers you can choose from will now be sorted in alphabetical order. Now, if your list of Haulers is long, finding the one you want won't be so tedious!


Fast-Weigh Analytics Update

We've added some new enhancements to the Analytics module to allow our customers to further break down their reporting data.

  • Added date range to the Product Usage tab under Fast-Weigh Production
  • Added Truck Production Data Grid tab to show data at the ticket detail level
  • Added Order Quantity Progress tab to Orders data model

Thank you to all of our Beta users for sending in their suggestions for this new module. The official release of Fast-Weigh Analytics is set for January 2018.


QuickBooks Integration Enhancements


We have updated QuickBooks Online integration to include the following feature updates:

  • Integration and validation with QBO customer terms
  • Fast-Weigh now passes the valid QBO terms when creating invoices
  • Fast-Weigh now passes the customer email address when creating invoices.


Other Changes to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

We have updated our Help link at the top of the Portal to include all three help manuals for:

  • Web Portal
  • Desktop scale house software
  • Mobile Ticketing app

The Portal website also displays our new Fast-Weigh 10 branding, and includes a link to our Customer Support email under Help.

FW10 Desktop Scale House Application

Haul Zones

Once a Haul Zone for a particular scale house location has been added to an Order, you may now access it when ticketing via the FW10 Desktop application at the scale house. As always, after something on the Web Portal has been changed, the scale house Operator will need to click the sync button to pull changes from the Portal to the desktop app.

After syncing, any Haul Zones established on the Portal will appear on the Ticketing screen beneath Location. Click the symbol to add one of the established Haul Zones to the ticket.



Direct Printing

Now, you can configure the FW10 Desktop ticketing app to skip the Microsoft print dialogue box and instead print directly to the last printer used with no steps between. Depending on your daily ticket volume, this can greatly speed up the ticketing process. 

To turn this feature on, navigate to the new PRINTERS tab under Settings. Enable the Advanced Printing Options and then choose the printer to be used for every ticket. Once you've set this up, clicking the [Print] button during ticketing is all you have to do to start up the printer.



Tare Validity Issue Resolved

In some cases, when you had Get Tare Weights from Portal turned on in Settings, an error message would result. This has now been resolved.