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August 2018 Web Portal Update

Our August 2018 Web Portal update is here! This month, we've revamped our User Administration area on the Web Portal with a new Sales role, additional restriction options, and more.

Check out a full list of changes, fixes, and new features:



Feature Breakdown

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal


Administration >> User Administration

  • Redesigned user roles with enhanced restrictions and security features
    • New Sales role
    • Multiple permissions changes for existing roles (see table below)
    • Users with a Customer role can now view and print their invoices
    • New optional restrictions can now be added to specific users:
      • Hide Pricing Turn off a role's ability to view pricing on tickets, orders, reports, or analytics. This restriction also limits the ability to print any reports that display pricing information.
        **Look for our Hide Pricing feature coming to the Fast-Weigh Windows 10 ticketing application later this month!
      • Tickets Read Only - Turn off a role's ability to edit tickets.
      • Quotes Ready Only - Turn off a role's ability to add or edit quotes.
      • Orders Read Only - Turn off a role's ability to add or edit orders.
      • Trucks Ready Only - Turn off a role's ability to add or edit trucks.
      • Resources Read Only - Turn a role's ability to add or edit customers, products, locations, tax codes, and terms.

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Tickets >> Ticket Entry

  • User-Defined Fields are now available on the Ticket Entry screen. These can be configured by going to Administration >> Portal Settings >> User-Defined Fields.



  • New export interface added for ComputerEase accounting software
  • Various enhancements to Viewpoint accounting integration
  • We have fixed freight pricing issue if using Haul Zones with some accounting systems.


  • New Production report category added, containing reports with no pricing details. Reports under this category are designed to accommodate our redesigned user roles with new restriction features such as the Hide Pricing option. If you have Hide Pricing turned on for a particular user, this is the only reporting category they will have access to.



      • Web Portal interface is now optimized for tablets including iPad and Microsoft Surface
      • Provided additional database and performance optimizations for the Web Portal

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