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Fast-Weigh 10 April Update

This month's update is a big one, with an awesome lineup of new features and changes to make your Fast-Weigh experience even better. Prevent your scale configuration and app settings from ever being lost with our new Configuration Backup feature. Get more flexibility with expanded material quantity ranges and values. Send email notifications to your customers each time a ticket is created for one of their orders. And much more!

Update your scale app:

Your Fast-Weight 10 scale house application should prompt you to update when you open the app. If it doesn't prompt, go to Settings >> About and click "Check for updates."

You may also update directly from the Microsoft Store. Search the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing," or find our app at the direct link:  https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9pgbwrvnqgsv

You can also verify that your app is up to date by going to Downloads and Updates in the Microsoft Store as shown below:


See what's new!

Here's a list of new additions you can expect in the update, which will be rolled out over the weekend. 

Scale Application Updates

  • New Scale Configuration and Device Info Backup Tool
    • You can now back up your settings and scale configurations and store them in the cloud. After updating your scale app, please go to Settings>>About and click the [Save Configuration] button.

  • Backed up configurations can be restored from the cloud by entering Debug Mode in the scale app and then going to About. In Debug Mode, the [Load Configuration] button will become visible.
  • How do I enter Debug Mode? 
    To enter our hidden Debug Mode, go to Settings >> About and double-click the words "Device ID." Then enter your customer PIN (listed under Settings >> General). If your PIN does not work or you need assistance, get in touch with our Customer Support and we'll walk you through it.

  • Zero Tare Weights Now Allowed
    • We now support the concept of “Zero” tare weights in Fast-Weigh to allow for net-only weighing.
  • Stored Tare Weights and Inbound Weighing
    • Stored tare weights can now be applied when ticketing on Inbound orders. A new value found in Settings allows you to set this value to NEVER, ALWAYS, or PROMPT during ticketing. When set to always get the stored tare weight from the cloud, the app will not require you to save a tare on their way out of the yard.

  • Expanded Material Quantities and Values
    • In the past, decimals were not allowed on certain units of measure. This has been changed. While ticketing, decimals can now be entered on most unit types (except for unit type “Loads”).
    • We have provided support for larger integers up to 999,999.99 for customers tracking items like gallons, barrels, or other large-quantity sales
  • Tare from the Ticketing Screen
    • We have added an option to tare from the ticketing screen.  This allows you to tare a truck without going to the truck menu from the main ticketing screen.  **This requires you to change the “Allow tare when ticketing” setting to YES. This also requires the Truck/Order/Product to be selected first.

  • Fixed issues with running certain scale reports from Fast-Weigh 10 desktop scale application.

Web Portal Updates

  • Customer Email Notifications
    • When tickets are uploaded to Portal, you can now send notifications to your customers via email with ticket number, truck/hauler, order/product, data/time, and net quantity. This new optional module must be turned on for each customer. If interested, please call or email support@tacinsight.com for additional information.
  • Updated Dashboards
    • We are including a fresh set of dashboards to include a new product summary grid along with enhanced graphical charts.


  • Scale App Settings Backup Stored on the Portal
    • As listed above, you can now back up your settings and scale configurations and store them in the cloud! This will be accessible via a new button on the scale application under Settings >> About. Backed up configurations can then be restored from the Web Portal.This also makes all basic scale system information available online for troubleshooting.
    • To view config data you've uploaded from the app, open the Web Portal and go to Devices, where you will find a [Show] button in the Configuration column.

  • Universal Accounting Interface
    • We have developed a new universal accounting interface, allowing us to export file formats compatible with any accounting system.
  • Expanded Material Quantities
    • We now support larger integers up to 999,999.99 for items like gallons, barrels, or other large-quantity sales.
  • Secondary Tax Rates
    • We have included a new Secondary Tax Rate and calculation to handle additional VAT, City, or local taxes. Turn this on by visiting your Portal Settings. Then secondary tax rates can be added under Tax Codes.

  • Changes and Additions to Reports
    • We have updated many reports to include tax columns, and tax is now included in total amount calculations.
    • Added a new report category call Reprint, allowing you to reprint scale tickets from the Web Portal with several of our standard ticket formats.
    • We have updated multiple reports and screens to include total tax computation based on our new secondary tax option.
  • We have included several updates to our analytics data models and sales computation.
  • We have removed the unneeded Default Price column from the Product List on the Products screen.
  • We have removed the unneeded Tax Status drop-down menu from the Customer profile when creating or editing Customers.


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