Introducing: Fast-Weigh 10 Inventory

FW Inventory.png

TAC Insight is pleased to announce our new cloud-based Material Inventory Module.

As part of our effort to provide continuous feature innovation, our new Inventory platform gives customers the ability to track inventory across all plant locations by Region.


  • Simple web portal interface available from any computer, anywhere
  • Real-time inventory quantities based on the original set quantity received and sold units
  • Inventory valuation based on cost per unit at each location
  • New fields in the product table to track production cost and royalty amounts by location
  • Methods to track inventory by physical survey, adjustment, or received material
  • Integration of real-time ticket data from the Fast-Weigh 10 desktop scale application for outgoing and incoming tickets
  • New Inventory Dashboard by Region/Location with filter-by-date parameter
  • New Analytics reporting to provide dynamic view into your inventory data
Fast Weigh 10  Inventory (1).png

For more information about Fast-Weigh 10 or our new Inventory Module, please visit us at or contact us at