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FastWeigh 10 November 2018 Update

Our November 2018 software update will be rolled out this week! Enjoy an extensive list of new features and enhancements, including a number of changes to the Web Portal, new hopper scale support, improved app functionality, and more.

Also, be on the lookout for two brand new add-ons coming soon after this update — Dispatching and Hauler Pay.

Coming Soon:

FastWeigh Dispatching
Make your dispatching and product delivery system more efficient. Assign trucks, schedule and track deliveries, and communicate with individual drivers in real-time with our SMS text message alert system. Also in the works is our powerful Dispatching app for mobile.

 FastWeigh Dispatching FastWeigh Dispatching

Hauler Pay Module
Similar to our Billing module, the Hauler Pay module allows you to generate hauler payable statements based on your FastWeigh ticketing data. Make adjustments, email statements directly to trucking companies, and streamline the hauler payment process.

If you’d like to be notified when these add-ons are available for purchase, click here to sign up for our email list. In the meantime, keep scrolling to get the full feature list for our November Update!

Web Portal Updates

  • Updates to Orders

    • Added new latitude & longitude fields to Order setup screen for enhanced delivery location tracking when using our upcoming Dispatching module

  • Updates to Customer profiles

    • Added the ability to set the number of ticket copies to print for a specific Customer IN ADDITION to your standard number of copies set on the desktop ticketing application.
      NOTE: In order to use this feature, Advanced Printing must be turned on under Settings >> Advanced on the desktop ticketing application.

  • Updates to Billing

    • Added support for Viewpoint Spectrum multi-line Accounts Receivable invoices

    • Added Order UDF fields to billing export files for your accounting system

  • Updates to Reports

    • Added new Dispatch reporting category to accommodate our upcoming Dispatching module!

  • Updates to Resources >> Locations

    • Added new columns so users can set up Accounting Warehouse codes

    • Added new columns to the Yard table to support Accounting Cost Centers at the yard level

  • Other Updates:

    • Fixed issue with Truck Capacity field

Desktop Scale Application Updates

  • Updates to Load-Out

    • Added an option in Settings to hide the Load-Out “is this truck in yard?” prompt when using our Load-Out module

  • Updates to Settings & Maintenance

    • Advanced Printing: Added functionality to automatically restart the advanced printing utility if it is accidentally closed (Advanced Printing must be turned on)

    • Added a setting to disable the printing of physical ticket copies, but still generating the digital PDF and sending the ticket to the Web Portal

    • Added a “Sync on Startup” setting which allows you to disable automatic syncing upon startup

    • Added a new database utility in Settings >> About while running in Debug Mode

  • Other Updates:

    • Added support for latest Windows 10 version 1809 update

    • Added hopper scale support

    • Fixed issue with overloaded trucks when running in Kiosk Mode

    • Fixed issue with use of manual weights while in Kiosk Mode

    • Optimized use of RFID and OPC integration

    • Fixed issue with marking trucks as “in-yard” while using the Load-Out module

    • Multi-product tickets now support PDF archiving

    • Additional fixes to multi-product tickets

    • Fixed issue with Units Today counter

    • Fixed issue with Operator Name length


How to update your scale app:

Your Fast-Weight 10 scale house application should prompt you to update when you open the app. If it doesn't prompt, go to Settings >> About and click "Check for updates."

You may also update directly from the Microsoft Store. Search the Microsoft Store for "Fast-Weigh Ticketing," or find our app at the direct link:  https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9pgbwrvnqgsv

You can also verify that your app is up to date by going to Downloads and Updates in the Microsoft Store as shown below:


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