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3 Updates to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal:

Surcharges Added to Quotes

The Quotes feature now supports the addition of Surcharges to each attached Product. Hover over Quotes and choose Quotes. Fill out the fields there and click SAVE. Then click the +Add Product button and enter the desired Surcharge. You may also edit Products on Quotes already created, and fill the surcharge in there.

If you'd like to add the Quotes feature to your Fast-Weigh 10 package, get in touch with us.

QuickBooks Reauthentication Feature Added

QuickBooks Online regenerates all authentication tokens every 180 days, which means your QBO username will be automatically logged out after this time. In the past, this caused an "Access Denied" error to show up when trying to add a new QuickBooks customer through the Web Portal. Now, the FW Web Portal will automatically prompt the user to sign into QBO again every 170 days, giving you a ten-day heads-up before the authentication tokens are purged.

Ticket Query Now Includes Inactive Orders

The user interface on the Ticket Query screen has been modified to give you better access to all of your Orders, including those which have been marked Inactive. The long list of Orders in the Order # drop-down menu has been replaced with a simple input field. If you don't know the Order #, click the [...] button to search for Orders more efficiently.