What to expect during your Fast-Weigh 10 implementation

A little planning and understanding of expectations goes a long way for making any software implementation successful. Here's what you can expect during your first 60 days with Fast-Weigh.

Step 1: Strategy call

First, we want to identify anything unique to your company's situation as well as establish clear (and reasonably attainable) goals for going live.

Things we will discuss will include:

  • Timelines and availability for training
  • Key personnel involved within your organization
  • What you can expect from us during the setup
  • Accounting integration (if applicable)

We will want to designate the best contacts within your company for the following:

  • Coordination of training
  • IT / accounting integration (if applicable)
  • Truck ticketing or dispatching training

You'll leave this call with a clear outline of of the days ahead and possibly some homework to do before our next meeting.

Step 2: Web portal setup

Next we'll get together to setup your Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal. The Web Portal is where all the magic happens, so there is a good deal to cover here. This step will sometimes involve a couple of calls depending on the scope of your business needs.

Things we will discuss will include:

  • Accounting / job costing integration (if applicable)
  • Managing and maintaining resources within Fast-Weigh
  • Fast-Weigh orders and their importance
  • Reporting and analytics

Step 3: Field / operations training

Once your web portal is in shape we will introduce the ticketing or dispatching application to the end-users.

The process here varies a bit depending on your size and situation.

If you only have a couple of folks that will be handling the ticketing or dispatching then we typically will hold a training call directly with them to walk through the application and any questions.

If there are many potential end-users it is often better to identify a one or a couple of users within the organization to become subject matter experts. We will run them through the training and answer the most common scenarios and points of concern, and they can serve as trainers internally.

With either method, follow-up calls are common to address any procedures or points of confusion.

Step 4: Billing and invoicing training (if applicable)

Once we've got some ticketing data to play with we will revisit the web portal to be sure you are comfortable with the process of billing your ticketing data.

This step will often include finalizing and testing the integration with your current accounting platform to ensure the Fast-Weigh data is pulling in correctly as invoices or job postings.

Step 5: Go live!

Once you reach this step you are ready to go fully live in production... if you haven't already!

Once you are live, we don't disappear (unless you want us to). Any issues that pop up can be addressed in follow-up meetings.

A typical (remote) implementation timeline for a mid-size company looks like:

  • Week 1: Complete steps 1 & 2
  • Week 2: Complete step 3 and create test data / run in parallel with your current system
  • Week 3: Complete steps 4 & 5... It's time to go live!
  • Weeks 4-6: Follow-up discussions and tweaking processes as needed
  • Weeks 6+: We're here if you need us for ongoing training or support!

The actual timeline will certainly vary according to your needs and availability. We've seen small companies go from zero to fully live with Fast-Weigh in just a couple of days!

A typical (on-site) implementation timeline for a large company looks like:

  • Prior to on-site: Complete step 1
  • On-site day 1: Complete step 2
  • On-site day 2: Complete step 3
  • On-site day 3: Recap meetings and set a go live date (if not already live)
  • Post-visit: Follow-up discussions and tweaking processes as needed
  • Ongoing: We're here if you need us for ongoing training or support!

Like the remote implementation schedule above, on-site timelines vary according to your needs and availability. It is especially important with on-site visits that your key personnel are ready and available to make the most of the visit.

Throughout it all:

From the time you get started you will have access to your implementation specialist as well as our full support and on-boarding team. So if something arises that falls outside of the steps or bullet points outlined in this document rest assured that we are here to make sure you get the most out of your Fast-Weigh 10 subscription.