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Ticket Import: Adding Multiple Tickets from Sources Beyond Fast-Weigh

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

The Ticket Import screen allows you to build an interface with files from a ticketing system used previously, or with an outside company’s ticketing data that needs to be recorded. Here, you can select the location information the tickets correspond to and then upload them in the proper format.

Ticket Import

To import ticketing data:

  1. Choose the correct format for the files.
  2. Browse your computer for the files you wish to import.
  3. Select which of your Regions, Locations, and Yards they need to be placed in.
  4. If you wish to overwrite the date or Hauler printed on the original tickets, you may do so from the Overwrite Date and Overwrite Hauler fields.
  5. Additionally, you may check Add New Trucks if you need to import any Trucks listed in the ticket data.
  6. Click Upload and then carefully review the ticket data before clicking save.

The ticket data is now present in the Fast-Weigh 10 system, so you may utilize it as your operations require.

Ticket Import Directions