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Adding & Managing Payment Terms & Billing Modes

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

Set up your payment terms and billing modes by going to Resources >> Terms.


Here, you can edit any existing terms and billing modes, or add new ones.

Payment Terms

These terms and codes should be set up in conjunction with your Accounts Receivable Terms Codes.

Billing Modes

These are used in each customer’s profile to further isolate records selected during a billing cycle selection. As an example you might setup the following billing methods:

  • Add new terms or billing modes by clicking the [+New] button

    **If your organization will be using direct QuickBooks Online integration, click here for instructions on how to add terms directly from QBO.
  • Fill in the one-character code, Description, etc, and click Update

  • Once terms and billing modes are set up, go to Resources >> Customers and edit your customers to assign these parameters to each customer record. Adding a particular billing mode to a customer profile allows you to select tickets for billing based on the customer’s billing method.