Adding & Managing Tax Codes

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

Tax Codes

Define all tax codes used within your company’s various locations. Tax codes should correspond with those set up in your third-party accounting system.

**If your organization will be using direct QuickBooks Online integration, click here for instructions on how to add tax codes directly from QBO.

  • To set up tax codes, navigate to Resources >> Tax Codes
tax codes

  • Click the [+ New Tax Code] button.
  • Enter the tax code and description.
  • Percentages must be entered as decimals.
    • For example, an 8.25% tax would be entered as 0.0825.
  • Enter a GL Account, if your accounting software uses GL.
  • Click Update.
  • Once tax codes are set up, go to Resources > Customers and edit your customers to assign these codes to each customer record.
    • Any orders made for the customer will default to the tax rate assigned to them.
    • Remember: the tax code for particular orders can still be changed for each order by editing the products on that order.

Secondary Tax

We now support a Secondary Tax Rate and calculation to handle additional VAT, City, or local taxes.

  • Enable Secondary Tax by going to Administration > Portal Settings and checking the "Use Secondary Tax" box under Other Settings.
  • Then, navigate to Resources > Tax Codes and add or edit a tax code to include secondary tax.