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Syncing Data between the Ticketing App and the Global Web Portal

Sync your app often.

If Haulers, Trucks, Orders, Customers, and Products are frequently being added or edited on the Web Portal by members of your team, it is important to sync the ticketing app often so it can receive this information. Here's how:

  • At the top right of your screen, you should see the sync button, which looks like a circular arrow.

  • Click the sync button to sync the app with the Web Portal.

If the app fails to sync or an error pops up:

  • Check to make sure the PC or other device is connected to the internet. If internet is present and the app still won't sync, contact TAC Insight Support.
    NOTE: You can continue to ticket on the app even if it is not connected to the internet and won't sync. All data will be stored locally on the device until internet is restored.