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Unsynced Records and Sync Errors

Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Ticketing Application

What should I do if my Windows 10 ticketing application won't sync records to the cloud? Can I still ticket?

If internet connection is lost or something goes wrong when the program tries to sync new truck, order, or ticket records to the web portal, you may encounter an Unsynced Record notice at the bottom of your Fast-Weigh 10 ticketing program:

Or you may get an error code upon attempting to sync:

If you have one or more Unsynced Records and your application won't sync properly, contact TAC Insight Customer Support as soon as possible.

  • Reach us by phone during business hours at 865-219-2980. We are open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 AM-5:00PM Eastern US time.
  • Or you may email us at
  • Let us know that your app isn't syncing and you need immediate assistance.

You can still run tickets and add trucks while the app is disconnected from the cloud.

  • While offline, you may keep running tickets as normal. If needed, advise other members of your organization that tickets are not currently syncing to the web portal. Any unsynced tickets will sync up to the portal once the error has been repaired by our Support team.
  • You may also add new Trucks to existing Haulers while disconnected.

New Haulers and new Orders cannot be added while the app is unable to sync with the cloud.

  • TIP: To prepare for an offline situation, we advise you to create a global Hauler that trucks can temporarily be added to.
    • Example:
      Hauler ID: GLOBAL
      Hauler Name: Global Hauler
    • Later, once a connection has been reestablished, Trucks can be edited from the web portal or on the ticketing application and moved to the correct Hauler.

  • Tickets can also be run for a global Customer/Order with all products assigned to it. An example would be a CASH order, which typically includes all products. This way, you can record weights for the correct products even if you are unable to create a new order for a specific customer.
    • Later, once a connection has been reestablished, Tickets can be edited from the web portal and placed on the correct Order.