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Save Your Settings with the Scale Configuration and Device Info Backup Tool

Fast-Weigh 10 Desktop Ticketing Application

You can now back up your settings and scale configurations and store them in the cloud. Once config has been saved, if your current Fast-Weigh desktop ticketing application is lost or wiped, the settings can be reloaded from the cloud.

To save your scale app configuration:

  • Go to Settings >> About and click the [Save Configuration] button.

  • Choose the Save to Portal option. Your settings are now saved to the cloud.

To reload your scale app configuration:

  • Backed up configurations can be restored from the cloud by entering Debug Mode in the scale app and then going to About. In Debug Mode, the [Load Configuration] button will become visible.
    • **If you are reloading the settings on a new PC or after a total uninstall of the app, you will need to reenter your Customer ID/PIN and your Scalehouse ID/PIN under Settings >> General before config can be reloaded.**
      • Under the General tab, enter your Customer ID and Customer PIN.To get your Customer ID and PIN, contact us at or call 865-219-2980 during business hours.
      • Your Scalehouse ID and PIN can be found on the Web Portal by going to Devices.

  • How do I enter Debug Mode?
    To enter our hidden Debug Mode, go to Settings >> About and double-click the words "Device ID." Then enter your Device PIN (Listed on the web portal under Devices. This is the same as your "Scalehouse PIN"). If your PIN does not work or you need assistance, get in touch with our Customer Support and we'll walk you through it.

  • After Debug Mode is enabled, click Load Configuration and choose Load from Portal.