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Running Reports

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

The reports tab features our powerful built-in reporting tool. Here, you can run valuable production reports based upon many different criteria. All reports can be exported in Excel, PDF, or CSV for further analysis.

  • Navigate to the Reports page on the Web Portal.
  • Reports are broken into a number of categories. Choose a category from the drop-down menu.
Report Category

--Tickets: View production totals in detail or summary. These reports can be very valuable for reconciling ticket data.
--Orders: Produces order listings and reports associated with orders
--Trucks: Produces tickets associated with trucks and truck production
--Billing: Produce invoices, batch summaries, and customer sales summaries.
--Resources: Run listings for the company’s defined resources (Customers, Products, Terms and Tax Codes, etc.).
--Reprint: Here, you can reprint individual tickets run at the scale house.
--Custom: Any reports created or customized specifically for your company can be found here. Please contact us for any custom reporting requests.

  • Next, choose a report style from the second drop-down menu.
Report Type

  • Click the Load button.
  • Now look to the right of the report viewer. Fill in all the filter parameters (example shown below). For some parameters, you can select multiple options.
Report Filter

  • When finished, click Refresh. Your report will load in the report viewer.
  • Be sure to utilize the Reports Tool Bar at the top of the viewer for options to print, export, change parameters, and more!