Using Quotes

The Quotes module is an optional add-on that allows you to build quotes for customers, prospects, and projects.

To add the Quotes module to your FW10 package, contact us:


Add a quote by clicking the [+ New Quote ] button.


This will bring you to the Edit Quote screen, where you may enter the Project (if any), Description, Region, Customer, etc.

quote builder

Click SAVE, and then you will be able to add Products and edit pricing, freight rate, surcharge, etc.


Manage your Quotes by marking them as Awarded, Pending, or Rejected.


Quotes can be  awarded and automatically converted into Orders to eliminate any accidental re-entry of order and pricing information. Quotes can also be printed and emailed to customers - go to Quotes >> Quotes to revisit the quotes list and click the Print button next to the desired quote. 


This will download a PDF file to your computer.

Multiple Quotes can also be grouped into Projects.  Click here to learn more about Projects.