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Importing Resources from QuickBooks Online with direct QBO Integration

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

If your organization uses QuickBooks Online, Fast-Weigh 10 can be set up for seamless integration with QBO during its initial installation.

Importing Terms, Tax Codes, Customers, and Products to the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal from QuickBooks Online:

1. Log into the Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal.

2. Navigate to Resources >> Terms.

  • Click [+ New Quickbooks Terms]

  • You will be prompted to log into your company's QuickBooks Online account to enable the integration. Please do so.
  • A table with the terms you've set up in QBO will load. Use the check boxes to choose the terms you wish to bring into Fast-Weigh. Fill in any other required parameters (if any) and save.

3. Navigate to Resources >> Tax Codes.

  • Click [+ Quickbooks Tax Codes]

  • Important: Tax codes in QuickBooks Online must be no more than 10 characters long to import correctly into Fast-Weigh.
  • Just as above, use the check boxes to choose the tax codes you wish to bring into Fast-Weigh. Fill in any other required parameters (if any) and save.

4. Navigate to Resources >> Customers.

  • Click [+ Quickbooks Customers]

  • Same as above

5. Navigate to Resources >> Products.

  • First, make sure all of your QuickBooks Online products have SKUs assigned to them in QBO.
  • Click [+ Quickbooks Products]

  • Same as above.

**Any new terms, tax codes, products, or customers you add to QBO can later be brought into Fast-Weigh by the same procedure.

6. Set up product pricing

After you finish importing your products, please set up pricing for each product. Pricing cannot be imported from QBO, so you will need to set it up in Fast-Weigh. For a step by step guide, visit this article and scroll down to the "Setting Up Product Pricing" section.

IMPORTANT: If you do not set up pricing for a product, the product will not be available to add to an order, and therefore cannot be ticketed on.