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Adding & Managing Locations

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

Navigate to Resources >> Locations and use the [+Add New] buttons to build your locations.


Fast-Weigh 10 has a 3-tier operating location structure: Regions, Locations, and Yards.

This allows flexibility for companies of all sizes to manage their production. You may have as many or as few of each structure as you need to properly reflect your company’s needs.

Regions Locations Yards

The above image is an example of multi-location company setup.

  • Regions: This is the highest level of organization. Generally, these are related to a primary or branch office. Regions can correspond to high-level operating areas that contain multiple locations.
    NOTE: For invoicing, you may set the proper remit information at the Region setup level:
    • Remit Address: The billing address for each of your organization's major regions. This is the billing address that will appear on invoices made for any locations under that reion

  • Locations: These are your quarry or pit locations operating within a given region. Typically, you will create one Location per Fast-Weigh 10 ticketing license. Highlighting a region will show any active locations in this table.

    Setting up a new location:
    • Click on a region in the Regions table to highlight it blue
    • The [+New Location] button will appear.

    • Click that to set up additional locations within your region.
      Note: Additional Fast-Weigh location licenses must be purchased before you can ticket for new locations.

  • Yards: Click-highlighting a given location will allow the setup of multiple yards within.
Regions Locations Yards Small

Above is an example of a smaller, one-site operation.