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Adding & Managing Drivers

The new Dispatching Driver screen allows you to track individual truck drivers and assign or swap drivers between Trucks.

Driver information can also be used in the Dispatching module and SMS text message alert system.

  • Navigate to Dispatching >> Drivers

Adding New Drivers

  • Click the [+New Driver ] button.
driver new

  • Fill in your driver's information. Required fields are the Hauler, Name, and Driver ID.
    • If you would like this driver to receive dispatching alerts via SMS text, the "Dispatch SMS" box should be checked and phone number filled out.
    • Driver PIN (optional) - Assign a PIN for your driver to use the in-cab dispatching and tracking app for mobile. However, this field should only be used if a truck does not have a dedicated device mounted in the cab. Before using this option, get in touch with TAC Insight customer support so we can help you verify whether this option is needed for your operations
edit driver

  • To edit or delete an existing driver, click either the Edit or Delete button on the Drivers screen.

  • Once a driver list has been established, your Drivers can be added to individual Truck profiles by navigating to Trucks >> Trucks and editing a truck there. Click the [...] button next to Driver Name to link a specific Driver to a Truck.

    • This will also pull in the driver's SMS number and any other information established in the Driver list.

FastWeigh Dispatching is an optional feature add-on. To add Dispatching to your FastWeigh subscription, contact us today at 865-219-2980 or