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Creating & Managing Dispatches 🎥

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

Setting up Haulers and Trucks for Dispatching

Before a truck can be used for dispatching, you will need to enable the dispatching feature at both the Hauler and Truck levels.

1. Navigate to Trucks >> Haulers.

  • Edit the Hauler you would like to enable for dispatching.
  • Check the Enable Dispatching box.

2. Then navigate to Trucks >> Trucks.

  • Edit the Truck you would like to enable for dispatching.
  • Check the Enable Dispatching box.
  • Optional: If you will be using SMS text alerts, check the Dispatch SMS box and enter the driver's mobile phone number in the SMSNumber field.
  • Optional: If a truck utilizes multiple drivers, you can establish all drivers and their phone numbers by creating driver profiles. This allows to easily exchange drivers on the Truck profile if needed.

The Dispatching Dashboard

  • Navigate to Dispatching >> Dispatching

  • This will bring you to the Dispatching Dashboard screen. On this screen, your truck dispatches can be easily viewed and managed via the Whiteboard.
The Dispatching Dashboard

  • Dispatches can be filtered by Region, Date, and Status (Active, Open, Hold, Closed, or All).

    • Active - Displays all dispatches that have not been closed, including both open dispatches and those on hold.
    • Open - Indicates that your trucks should be actively running loads for that dispatch. On the whiteboard, open dispatches are green.
    • Hold - Putting a dispatch on hold is like hitting the pause button. When a dispatch is placed on hold, trucks are not actively running loads for the dispatch, but will resume at some point. Dispatches on hold are blue.
    • Closed - The dispatch is complete. No more loads will be run. Closed dispatches are grey.

  • Dispatches can also be viewed by Order or by Truck by clicking on of the tabs:

Creating a New Dispatch

  • To add a new dispatch, click the [+New Dispatch ] button.

new dispatch

  • Fill in the Region, Order, and Product to be used on all loads run for this dispatch.
Edit Dispatch Screen (2)

  • You can also choose one of three Duration options for the dispatch: All Day, Multi-Day, or Multi-Hour. Here, you can specify the number of days or hours this dispatch should remain open.

  • Specify the Quantity - how much material should be hauled on this dispatch, either by product Units or by Loads.
  • If your organization is using the in-cab dispatching mobile app, you can also choose a Ticket Type.
ticket type

NOTE: If you are not using the dispatching mobile app, you can disregard Ticket Type.

  • In the Info field, you may include a short SMS text message that will be sent to all drivers placed on this dispatch.
    NOTE: Phone numbers to be used for SMS alerts can be established in the Truck profile (see the top of this article), or on the Driver setup screen.

  • Click Save when done.

  • Once the dispatch has been saved, you may request a hauler or a specific truck type and then add trucks to the dispatch.
Edit Dispatch Screen3

  • To add trucks, click the [Add Trucks] button.
add trucks

  • Select the Hauler and then use the check boxes to choose one or more Trucks.
select trucks

  • Both Duration and Quantity can be set for specific Trucks as well.
  • Click Save when done.
  • Then click Save & Close on the dispatch setup screen.
  • You should now see your new dispatch on the Whiteboard.

Editing Dispatches, Viewing Production Totals, & Sending SMS Alerts to Drivers

  • Dispatches can be edited easily from the Whiteboard by clicking the edit button on one of your dispatch cards.
edit dispatch

  • You can view totals for Loads, Units, Minutes Driven, and Miles Driven by clicking the Info button.
dispatch info


  • You can also send an SMS Text Alert to any drivers on the dispatch by clicking the alert button and entering a message.
    NOTE: Phone numbers to be used for SMS alerts can be established in the Truck profile (see the top of this article), on the Driver setup screen
dispatch alert

Dispatching alert text

alert text

FastWeigh Dispatching is an optional feature add-on. To add Dispatching to your FastWeigh subscription, contact us today at 865-219-2980 or