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Adding & Managing Customers

Fast-Weigh 10 Web Portal

You can manage your entire customer list from the Customers section of the Web Portal. This includes full contact information, payment terms, pricing level, and credit status.

**If your organization will be using direct QuickBooks Online integration, click here for instructions on how to add customers directly from QBO.

  • Navigate to Resources >> Customers.

  • Click the [+New Customer] button to add a new customer profile


Some tips for building your customer profiles:

  • Customer ID: This should be a shorthand code, no more than 10 characters in length.
  • Customer Name: The full customer name, no more than 50 characters in length
  • Contact Email vs. Invoice Email: The contact email is just for your reference - an email address belonging to your customer contact. The invoice email will be used if you choose to email invoices to your customers directly from Fast-Weigh 10. Read our article about Billing and Invoicing to learn
  • Use the Price Level field to set a default price level for products on new orders created for that customer. See our article on Products and Product Price Levels to learn more.
  • Company Code: This 3-digit code is set under Administration >> Portal settings. If your accounting system doesn't use a 3-digit company code, you can simply go to Portal Settings and use the first three letters of your company name for the company code.
  • Regions: Allows you to define customer available to all regions, or within selected regions only. By default, the All Regions box is checked and must be unchecked to specify certain regions.
  • Default Order: Used as the default order during weigh ticketing in the scale house for the selected customer.
    *This option is only visible when an order exists in the system.