Increase operation efficiency of your loader fleet

Reduce over & under loading of trucks

There is nothing worse than loading the wrong materials into the wrong truck. Time & money lost in incorrectly loading, overloading, or underloading trucks during the load-out process can cause numerous inefficiencies at any quarry. Fast-Weigh Loader is a cloud-based Android application that allows you to transmit order, product, and truck capacity information, ensuring that your loader operator is knowledgeable ahead of time about every truck in the plant.


Track yard operations from start to finish.

Fast-Weigh Loader provides real-time information when trucks enter your facility and are assigned to an order/product combination. By adding optional standard iOT Bluetooth beacons to your trucks, we can also track, manage, and analyze your plant's operations by tracking:

  • Number of trucks in yard
  • Truck plant entry time
  • Truck load time
  • Truck ticket time
  • Cycle times for in-yard, loaded, and ticketed

Access data from Fast-Weigh Loader from any mobile device, web browser, or rich data analytics platform, and gain better insight into your trucking operations, from entry to exit.