Simple setup.
Easy ticketing.
Complete material management.


Fast-Weigh 10 provides a unified web, mobile, and scale house platform for material weigh ticketing and business management. With our cloud-based system and centralized web portal, your ticketing data will never be stuck in the scale house again.

Access and manage your data anytime, anywhere, from any device. Enjoy effortless ticketing from scale house PCs, unattended kiosks, and even your smart phone.


Improve your company's bottom line with Fast-Weigh 10.


Our platform supports all aspects of sales and bulk material transportation – dispatch, load-out, ticketing, billing, and delivery.


  • Centralized web portal
  • Windows 10 scale ticketing application
  • Mobile ticketing for Android and iPhone
  • Real-time ticket data
  • Invoicing & billing
  • Third-party accounting integration
  • Job & customer quoting
  • Business analytics
  • Loader app with in-yard tracking
  • Truck assignment and dispatching
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-company, region, & location support
  • Third-party ticket import
  • Multi-product orders
  • User-defined ticket fields
  • PDF ticket archiving on the Web
  • Truck image capture
  • QuickBooks Online direct interface
  • Powerful built-in reporting
  • Export data to CSV
  • Automatic application updates
  • Multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, French)
  • Custom ticket formats
  • Multi-item ticketing
  • Touch-enabled scale interface
  • Customer & product pricing matrix
  • Open orders for frequent customers
  • Dedicated tech support team
  • And more!

Mobile and desktop tools to streamline your material sales





Mobile Ticketing for Android

Our easy to use mobile ticket application for Android is the perfect solution for remote ticketing needs or low volume pits. Tickets can be printed from a Bluetooth mobile printer, and are immediately synced to our central web portal for viewing and billing.




Mobile Production & Truck Management

Fast-Weigh Mobile provides production data in real-time for you and your customers. Access scale data from any of your locations from any Android, Apple, or Windows 10 smart phone or tablet. Manage and dispatch your trucks to customer orders and products.




Resource management

Set up and manage your company resources from the web. View, add, and update haulers and trucks and attach images or important documents (registration, license, etc) to truck records. Fast-Weigh 10 also introduces a pricing matrix feature to allow for a tiered pricing scheme which can be assigned to individual customers.



Accounting Software Integration

Save time and simplify your company’s accounting process by integrating your Fast-Weigh Invoicing directly with your third-party accounting software. Directly export and import scale ticket data by interfacing with your accounting system, eliminating duplicate entry and errors.

We can integrate with virtually any third-party platform. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your company's accounting integration needs.




Project & customer quoting

Fast-Weigh 10 now includes a new Customer and Job Quoting module allowing you to create and convert quotes to Fast-Weigh Orders and automatically establish Order Pricing.

Quotes be setup for both existing customers and also prospective customers. They can also be grouped by projects which allows you to quote multiple prospects/customers on the same project and copy pricing and quantity data from an existing quote in order to send to another company.

Quotes can be easily generated to PDF and transmitted via email automatically from the system. Once quotes become awarded they automatically reference back to new order number created in Fast-Weigh and quotes are retained for historical review.


Kiosk  Photoshop no logo.png


Truck image capture

Fast-Weigh 10 now includes the ability to capture scale truck images during ticketing on both outbound and in-bound weighing. Utilizing web or IP cameras, Fast-Weigh can be configured to automatically capture and upload pictures of each load to the Fast-Weigh Web Portal in real-time.

These images get stored as part of the data record in the Fast-Weigh Cloud Storage system. Pictures can be viewed and downloaded and are also accessible by customers and haulers.


Scale House Ticketing

Our brand new scale-house ticketing application was designed from the ground up to streamline daily operations and communicate directly with our web portal. All data is immediately backed up to the cloud, ensuring no ticket ever goes unaccounted for.



Real-time ticket data

View, edit, and analyze ticket data from all locations in a central ticketing dashboard. You can also view and reprint the physical ticket copies for any ticket from stored PDF’s.


admin app.png


Order management

Manage your customer’s active orders. You may assign multiple products to an order, as well as attach descriptions, delivery instructions, and PO/Job #’s for reference. For frequent customers that do not require specific PO or Job based billing, you may set up an “open order” for any number of products.


Invoice & billing

Fast-Weigh 10 provides a powerful invoicing and billing platform to help streamline your company’s accounting process. Generate invoices for your customers directly from our web portal based upon a number of billing frequency options.

Export your billings and load them directly into your accounting system.

We provide a custom invoice service to be sure your invoice format matches company branding & customer expectations.




Ticket import & entry

Fast-Weigh 10 includes the ability to both import or manually key tickets from 3rd party ticket sources. This option allows you to enter tickets generated from third-party sources. Using pre-defined templates, you may define multiple import formats from other third-party scale ticketing software.

This feature allows you to integrate all of your company’s data into one centralized platform to take advantage of our powerful production tracking, reporting, and billing/invoicing modules.





Unattended Driver Kiosk

Fast-Weigh's unattended driver kiosk mode allows drivers to self-ticket without needing a scale operator to be present. Drivers may select pre-defined orders and the kiosk does all the rest, making your ticketing operations easier than ever. Integration with tools like magnetic stripe cards, RFID, and Bluetooth beacons simplifies the process even more by further reducing user input.



Information delivered in real-time where you need it