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Debris & Material Tracking Suite

Monitor and document debris removal for FEMA reimbursement with our powerful Fast-Weigh ADMS platform. Since 2005, our team has excelled in automated debris management, with over 40 years of combined experience in working with technology following natural disasters.

Whether you’re a monitoring firm or municipality, we can support you by providing effective turnkey ADMS technology including software, hardware, and centralized platform management.



Eliminate duplicate data entry.

Our ADMS tracking platform allows you to eliminate much of the duplicate data entry that takes place when using traditional paper tickets. Our platform allows for flexibility in job scope and configuration to help eliminate bad data entry and prevent errors. Printing load-collection monitor tickets and final disposal tickets is fast and easy with our simple-to-use Android mobile & tablet applications.

GIS Processing

Utilizing the latest in cloud-based mapping tools from Microsoft and ESRI, we can provide you with sophisticated record geo-referencing and shapefile processing tools. Automatically, you can determine municipal and city boundaries within debris records and reduce errors by assigning project locations via latitude/longitude. Calculate road miles for carriers between load-out and disposal sites using advanced web service APIs that distinguish by truck routes.


An application for
every type of debris

ROW & ROE Hauling
Collection Monitors

Disposal Site
Monitor Entry

Hazardous Tree
Removal Tracking

Individual Items
(White Goods, Vehicles, E-Waste, etc.)


Projects We've Powered

hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma

North California Wildfires

Alabama Tornado

Hurricane Katrina

Joplin, MO Tornado

Ca bark BEETLE Tree crisis

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